Finds up to 100 contacts that match a provided search criteria.


  • Search By (dropdown): choose to search for contacts by First Name, Last Name, Company Name, or Email. If you don’t specify one, the search will look for a match in any those fields.

Input Fields

  • Value (text): Depending on your setting on the second tab (see Options above), Value is the string you want to match against contact first name, last name, company name, or email. Case is ignored and partial matches are returned, so for instance, if Search By is Email and Value is “hub”, then contacts with these emails will be included in the result: and

Output Fields

  • Contact IDs (list of numbers): a list of the unique IDs for the contacts that meet the search criteria, or an empty list if there are no matches. Note: The HubSpot API limits the results to be a maximum of 100 contacts.

To work with items in a list, see the available List Functions that can follow in your Flow, such as For Each to process each of the contacts one at a time. You can pass the Contact ID to other HubSpot actions such as Delete Contact or Update Contact.