Use this card to delete a particular document in Google Docs.

Input Fields

This card only needs the Document ID so it knows which file to delete

  • Document ID
    • ID (text): You can find the ID by copy and pasting a portion of the link of that document. For example, if the link while viewing the desired file was:**1_gSTU3kyEVmLWze9ZFM5e6Ibjmh1L4NKStdVzfJZn8**/edit          Only copy and paste the bolded region of the link. Do not include any slashes or the possible “/edit” at the end.
    • Another possible way to get this ID is by using the Google Drive “Search Files” card. Enter the inputs and it will return the document ID which can be copied to a delete file card.
      • More information about how to use search file to get a document ID here.

Output Fields

This card’s output is the deleting of a single file.