Adds and image from a specified Google Drive location or URL.


  • Add Image: Choose either “From Google Drive” or “From URL”.

Input Fields

  • Document
    • Document ID (text): The ID of the document where the image will be added. Can be found in the URL of the document, or by using Google Drive - SearchFiles.
      • If no document exists, use Create Document, which will also provide the new Document ID.
    • Index (number): Where in the document the image should be placed. In a document with paragraphs, to place the image after the first paragraph, you would enter an index of 1. Note: if you enter an index value which is larger than the number of elements in the document, it will return an error.
    • Image URL or File ID (text): the URL of the image or the Google File ID (found in the URL).

Output Fields

  • Adds the image to the document.