Updates an existing contact.

Input Fields

Updated By

  • Contact ID (text): The unique ID for the contact you want to modify. You can get this ID as the output from another Google Contact card such as Search Contacts.

Basic Info

  • Title (text): If a title, such as “Mr.”
  • Full Name (text): The full name, including optional title, of the contact.
  • Family Name (text): Last name.
  • Given Name (text): First name.
  • Gender (text): Male, Female, or Other
  • Birthday (text): The contact’s birthday in the format yyyy-mm-dd (e.g. “1999-08-15”)
  • Subject (text)
  • Occupation (text)
  • Nickname (text)
  • Billing Information (text)
  • Directory Server (text): The directory server associated with the contact.

Output Fields

  • Contact ID (text): The unique ID for the contact that was updated.