Start the Flow when data within a cell is updated.


  • Workbook (dropdown): a list of workbooks available to the account. Workbook is another word for your Excel files.
  • Worksheet (dropdown): a list of worksheets available in the selected workbook. Worksheet is the individual spreadsheet within them, displayed as tabs in Excel files.
  • Cell Reference (text) : forexample “A1, for the first cell in the spreadsheet.

Output Fields

Cell Explanation
Cell Text (text) The text in the specified cell.
Cell Value (text) The value of the cell.
Type _(text) _type
Format (text) number format
Column Hidden _(T/F) _If the column is hidden
Row Hidden _(T/F) _If the row is hidden
Hidden _(T/F) _If the cell is hidden
Formula _(text) _Excel online formula
  • context
    • Execution ID (text) : the execution context unique identifier.