Clear formats and/or data from the designated cells.


  • Workbook (dropdown): a list of workbooks available to the account. Workbook is another word for your Excel files.
  • Worksheet (dropdown): a list of worksheets available in the selected workbook. Worksheet is the individual spreadsheet within them, displayed as tabs in Excel files.
  • Apply to (dropdown): select what should be cleared from the cells.
    • All - clear formats and content.
    • Formats - clear formats only.
    • Contents - clear contents only.

Input Fields

The cell reference cells are used to construct a grid of cells to apply the clear action.

  • Cells
    • Cell Reference Begin (text): a value representing a cell (e.g. A2) in the top left corner of the grid to be cleared.
    • Cell Reference End (text): a value representing a cell (e.g. D4) in the bottom right corner of the grid to be cleared.

Output Fields

  • Response
    • Status Code (number)