Returns a list of attendees for an event in Eventbrite.

Input Fields

  • Event 
    • EventId (text): ID of the event you wish to get the attendees for.

Output Fields

  • Attendees
    • Attendee (list of objects): List of all attendees for event.
      • Name (text): The name of the attendee.
      • First Name(text): Attendee First Name.
      • Last Name(text): Attendee Last Name.
      • Prefix(text): Attendee prefix.
      • Suffix(text): Attendee suffix.
      • Job Title(text): Attendee’s job title.
      • Company(text): Attendee’s company.
      • Website(text): Attendee’s website address.
      • Cell Phone(text): Attendee’s cell phone number.
      • Ticket Class ID (text): the ticket_class that the attendee registered with
      • Ticket Class Name(text): the name of the ticket_class.
      • Barcodes(list of objects):
        • Barcode (text): the barcode contents
        • Barcode Status (text): one of unused, used, or refunded