Monitors Eloqua for new contacts.


The fields are dynamically generated and will reflect the fields that are available in your Eloqua instance for a contact record. Here are some standard fields that you may see as outputs on your monitor:

  • Contact ID (text): the unique identifier in Eloqua of the record that was created
  • Contact Status (text): the contact’s status in Eloqua
  • First Name (text): the first name of the contact that was created
  • Last Name (text): the last name of the contact that was created
  • Title (text): the title of the contact that was created
  • Business Phone (text): The contact’s business phone.
  • Mobile Phone (text): The contact’s mobile phone.
  • Email (email address): the email of the contact that was created
  • Email Format Preference (text): plain text or html.
  • Fax (text): The fax for the customer.
  • Sales Person (text): The sales person assigned to the contact.
  • Created At (timestamp): the day and time at which the record was created.
  • Updated At (text): When the contact was most recently updated.
  • Company (text): The company the contact belongs to.
  • Is Bounceback (text): If their email are bouncing back.
  • Is Subscribed (text): If they are subscribed to emails.
  • City (text): The city they live in.
  • State or Province (text): The state or province they live in.
  • Postal Code (text):The contact’s Zip/Postal code.
  • Country (text): The country the contact lives in.
  • Context
    • Execution ID (text): The ID for the event.