Updates a campaign in Eloqua.

Input Fields

  • Update By
    • Campaign ID (text): Given when the campaign is created.
  • Campaign
    • Campaign Name (text): The name of the campaign.
    • Description (text): A description of the campaign.
    • Campaign Category (text): Address(es) of the company.
    • Campaign Type (text): The type of campaign (e.g. nurture, marketing, etc.)
    • Current Status (text): The status of the campaign (active or draft).
    • Budgeted Cost (text): The budgeted cost for the campaign.
    • Actual Cost (text): The actual cost of the campaign.
    • Product (text): The product the campaign was designed for.
    • Region (text): The region the campaign was designed for.
    • Start At (text): When the campaign became active.
    • End At(text): When the campaign ended.
    • Badge ID(text): Badge ID.
    • CLR End Date(text): Closed Loop Reporting End Date.
    • CRM ID(text): Customer Relationship Management.
    • Source Template ID(text)
    • Email Marketing Campaign? (T/F)
    • Included in ROI? (T/F)
    • Member Allowed Re-Entry? (T/F)
    • Read-Only? (T/F)
    • Synced with CRM? (T/F)

Output Fields

  • There are no output fields for this card.