New Account

Monitors Eloqua for new accounts.


No options available.

Output Fields

The output fields include standard account fields as well as dynamically generated fields and will reflect the fields that are available in your Eloqua instance for an account record. Here are the standard fields that you will see as outputs on your monitor:

  • Account ID (text): the unique identifier in Eloqua for the account record
  • Created At_ (text):_ date the account was created in Eloqua
  • Updated At_ (text):_ last date the account was updated in Eloqua
  • Company Name_ (text):_ company name of the account
  • Business Phone _(text)__:_ business phone number of the account
  • Address 1_ (text):_ the street address of the account
  • Address 2_ (text):_ the 2nd address line of the account
  • Address 3 (text): the 3rd address line of the account
  • City (text): the city of the account
  • State or Province (text): the state or province of the account
  • Postal Code (text): the zip or postal code of the account
  • Country (text): the country in which the account is headquartered
  • Other Fields (header): this section will include all dynamically generated fields