Creates a contact in Eloqua.

Input Fields

  • Contact
    • Email (text): Contact’s email.
    • First Name (text): First name of the contact.
    • Last Name (text): Last name of the contact..
    • Title (text): The title/position the new contact holds.
    • Company (text): The company the contact belongs to.
    • Business Phone (text): The phone number for the contact.
    • Fax (text): Fax for the contact.
    • Mobile Phone (text): Cell number for the contact.
    • Address 1(text): Contact address.
    • Address 2 (text)
    • Address 3 (text)
    • City (text): City.
    • Zip or Postal Code(text)
    • State or Province (text)
    • Country (text)
    • Sales Person (text): The sales person associated with the contact.
    • Folder ID (text): The folder the contact belongs in.
    • Email Format Preference (text): plain text or HTML.
    • Bounceback (text): Bounceback emails.
    • Subscribed (text): Subscribed emails.

Output Fields

  • Contact ID (text): The ID for the new contact.