This action allows you to get the information about a file in Egnyte.

Input Fields


  • File Path (text): the path to the file (e.g. /Shared/Folder/File). You can find the file’s Path by opening the file and clicking on Details.
  • Version ID _(text_): the version of the file. This can be found in the file’s details within the Direct Link URL. The Version ID is everything after file. For example, in this direct link:, your Version ID is 4cf789c5-287d-486f-88a3-570iuub104abb

Output Fields


  • Name (text): the name of the file.
  • Last Modified (timestamp): the time when the file was last updated.
  • Size (text): the size of the file in bytes
  • Uploaded By (text): the username of the Egnyte user who uploaded the file.
  • File Content (text): the content of the file.