This event trigger will initiate a workflow when either a File or a Folder are created.

NOTE: The Egnyte API has strict rate limiting on the endpoint used for this card. If you begin to see Forbidden errors in your connection to Egnyte, rate limiting is the most likely culprit. In order to work around rate limiting, you can ensure you don’t have any other Flows using the same connection as the Flow encountering the error, and/or create additional users to spread the number of API pings around different accounts.


  • Path (text): This path specifies the specific path of the folder that currently exists in Egnyte where you want the event to trigger when a new file or folder is created. A very specific format exists for both and looks like the following:
    • Folder - /[Insert Folder Name]/[Insert Folder Name]/……

Output Fields

  • File or Folder
    • Path (text): the path to the file or folder (e.g. /Shared/Folder/File). You can find the file’s Path by opening the file and clicking on Details.
    • Created At (timestamp): the time when the file or folder was created.
    • Is Folder _(true/false)_: Determines whether the item created is a folder. If false that means what was created is a file.