Deletes a file or folder in Egnyte.

Input Fields

  • Delete by
    • File or Folder Path (text): The path of the file or folder you’re using. (e.g. /Shared/Folder/File). You can find the Path in Egnyte by opening a file and clicking on Details. You can also get the path for a file by using ‘Search Files’.
    • Version ID (text): If included, will only delete this version of the file or folder. Get the Version ID by using ‘Get File or Folder Info’. You can also find this in the file’s details within the Direct Link URL. The Version ID is everything after file. For example, in this direct link:, your Version ID is 4cf789c5-287d-486f-88a3-570iuub104abb

Output Fields

  • There are no outputs for this card.