Creates a share link for a file or folder in Egnyte.

Input Fields

  • File or Folder
    • File or Folder Path (text): The path of the file or folder you’re using. (e.g. /Shared/Folder/File). You can find an example Path in Egnyte by opening a file and clicking on Details.
    • Link Type (text): Options: file, folder, upload.
    • Accessibility (text): for all Link Types except upload, options: Anyone, Password, Domain, Recipients.
    • Should Link to Current Version(text): If the file or folder is updated or moved.
    • Expiry Date(text): When the link expires.
    • Expiry Clicks_(text): OR _how many clicks the link expires after.
  • Email
    • Should Send Email (text): Egnyte gives you the option to email or copy the share link.
    • Email Recipients(text): If emailing, who should receive the share link.
    • Message(text): Message for in the email.
    • Should Copy Me(text): If you wish to be copied on the email.
    • Send Access Notification?(text): To get a notification when the link is clicked.

Output Fields

  • Link
    • Link ID (text): The ID for the share link.
    • Link URL (text): The share link URL.