.Shares a folder and updates permissions.


  • Leave a copy for member (Y/N):

Input Fields

  • Folder

    • Folder Path (text): Path of the file or folder to be deleted (Use ‘/’ before the name of a folder).
      • ie: /[Insert Folder Name]/[Insert File Name]
      • Path can be easily accessed by using the Search Files or Folders card. Path is an output of that card.
  • Permissions

    • Member Policy (text): Who can be a member of this shared folder. Only applicable if the current user is on a team. This field is optional.
    • ACL Update Policy (text): Who can add and remove members of this shared folder. This field is optional.
    • Shared Link Policy (text): The policy to apply to shared links created for content inside this shared folder. The current user must be on a team to set this policy to SharedLinkPolicy.members. This field is optional.

Output Fields

  • New Path (text)