Gets the Metadata for a file.

Input Fields

  • Read by
    • File Path (text):┬áPath of the file or folder to be deleted (Use ‘/’ before the name of a folder).
      • ie: /[Insert Folder Name]/[Insert File Name]
    • File ID (text): the file ID.
    • Revision Number (text): the revision number.

Output Fields

  • File

    • Name (type): the file name.
    • Unique ID (type):┬áthe file ID
    • Path (text): the path of the file.
    • Revision number (text): number of revisions.
    • Client Time Modified(text)
    • Server Time Modified(text)
    • Size(text): size of the file.
    • File Content(file): the content in the file.
  • Sharing Info

    • Read Only (text)
    • Parent Folder ID (text)
    • Modified By(text): Who made changes