Gets information on a file given the URL and the password.

Input Fields

  • Read by
    • URL (text): The share link URL.
    • Password (text): The password associated with the file.

Output Fields

  • File
    • Name (text): the name of the file.
    • Unique ID (text): the file ID.
    • Path (text): the path of the file.
    • Revision number (text): number of revisions.
    • Client Time Modified(text)
    • Server Time Modified(text)
    • Size(text): size of the file.
    • File Content(file): the content in the file.
  • Sharing Info
    • Read Only (text)
    • Parent Folder ID (text)
    • Modified By(text): Who made changes
  • Content Owner
    • Account ID(text)
    • Same Team(text)
    • Team Member ID(text)
    • Name(text): The name of the owner
    • Last Name(text)
    • Email(text)