File Created or Uploaded

Monitors a Dropbox account for when a new folder is created or updated.

Note that monitoring occurs on the entire account and any new or update to a folder will trigger this Flow. If only certain folders or files need to be monitored, Flow should include functions (e.g. ‘Continue if’, ‘If/Else’) to specify actions that should or should not be performed.

Output Fields

  • File
    • Name (text): name of the file that was created/updated
    • Unique ID (text): unique id associated with the file
    • Path (text): path to the file (e.g., /pictures/2016/4/…)
  • Sharing Info 
    • Read Only? (text): a true/false value specifying whether or not the file is read only
    • Parent Folder ID (text): the unique id associated with the parent folder containing the updated/created file
  • context
    • Execution ID (text): an internal Execution ID