Copy a File or a Folder (single or hierarchy) inside of Dropbox and specify the location where that copied item is saved to.

Input Fields

Copy From

  • Path (text):
    • This path specifies the specific file or folder that currently exists in Dropbox that you want to copy. A very specific format exists for both and looks like the following:
      • Folder - /[Insert Folder Name] - this can be extensible to go multiple layers deep if you need to clone a very specific subfolder - /[Insert Top Folder Name]/[Insert Second Folder Name]….
      • File - /[Insert Folder Name]/[Insert File Name]
      • NOTE: Dropbox prevents a user from being able to copy a folder that is currently being shared.
    • Path can be easily accessed by using the Search Files or Folders card. Path is an output of that card.

Copy To

  • New Path (text): Path of desired location. (“/” is the default location.) - See “Copy From” above for more information.
  • New Name (text): Name of the file.

Output Fields

  • Revision Number (text): Revision number.
  • New Path (text):Path of copied file or folder (defaults to “/”).