Read document’s information.


  • Accounts (list): Drop down menu of accounts created in docusign.

Input Fields

  • Document
    • Document ID (text): Identification code of document.

Output Fields

  • Document
    • Status (text): Status of document. Options include: Created, Deleted, Delivered, Signed, Completed, Declined, Voided, TimeOut, AuthoritativeCopy, TransferCompleted, Template, and Correct.
    • Author (text): Author/Creator of document.
    • Name/Email Subject (text): Name/Main subject of the email.
    • Email Body (text): Optional element, if specified is included in email notifications to the document recipients. This can be a maximum of 10000 characters.
    • Files (text):
    • Templates (text): Template the document originated from if the envelope was created using CreateEnvelopeFromTemplates.
    • Date Created (text):  Date document is created.
    • Date Modified (text): Date document was last modified.
    • Date Status Changed (text)
    • Allow Print and Sign (true/false): If true, document allows to be printed and signed.
    • Allow Reassign (true/false): If true, the recipient can redirect an envelope to a more appropriate recipient.
    • Markup Enabled (true/false): When true, enable Document markup for envelope.
    • Auto Navigation (true/false): Specifies the Auto Navigation feature. If the Boolean is set to true the auto navigation is enabled.
    • Authoritative Copy (true/false): Specifies the Authoritative copy feature. If the Boolean is set to true the Authoritative copy feature is enabled.
  • Reminders
    • Reminder Enabled (true/false): When set to true, the envelope expires (is no longer available for signing) in the set number of days. If false, the account default setting is used. If the account does not have an expiration setting, the DocuSign default value of 120 days is used.
    • Reminder Delay (text): An integer that sets the number of days after the recipient receives the envelope that reminder emails are sent to the recipient.
    • Reminder Frequency (text): An integer that sets the interval, in days, between reminder emails.
  • Document Expiration
    • Expire Enabled (true/false): If true, document is enabled to expire after a certain deadline.
    • Expire After (text): Date document expires after.
    • Expire Warning (text): Date close to expiration of document which will give user warning.
  • Recipient
    • Recipient Count (list): Number of recipients included in document.
    • Signers (list): People assigned to sign document.
    • Agents (list): Agents assigned to selected document.
    • Editors (list): All editors of selected document.
    • Intermediaries (list): Mediators of the selected document.
    • Carbon Copies (list): Duplicate copies of selected document.
    • Certified Deliveries (list): Certified delivery persons/services of selected document.
    • Inperson Signers (list): People who will be signing the documents in person in order to complete.