Add new recipient to document. Options

  • Accounts (list): Drop down menu of accounts created in docusign.
  • Templates (list): Drop down menu of available templates.
  • After Creation (dropdown)
    • Save as Draft
    • Send for Signing
  • Recipient type (text)
    • Signer: People assigned to sign document.
    • Agent: Agents assigned to selected document.
    • Carbon Copy: Duplicate copies of selected document.
    • Certified Delivery: Certified delivery persons/services of selected document.
    • Editor: All editors of selected document.
    •  Inperson Signer: People who will be signing the documents in person in order to complete.
    • Intermediary: Mediators of the selected document.
  • Recipient Authentication (text)

Input Fields

  • Document
    • Document ID (text): Identification code of document.
  • Recipient
    • Name (text): Name/Title of Recipient.
    • Email* (text): Email of recipient.
    • Email ID (text): Identification code/address associated with email.
    • Email Subject (text): Topic/Head of message of recipient.
    • Email Body (text): Optional element, if specified is included in email notifications to the document recipients. This can be a maximum of 10000 characters.
    • Private Message (text): Message to send to recipient privately

Output Fields

  • Recipient
    • Status (text): Status of document. Options include: Created, Deleted, Delivered, Signed, Completed, Declined, Voided, TimeOut, AuthoritativeCopy, TransferCompleted, Template, and Correct.
    • Message (text): Message from recipient.