Update a user by user ID. You must be a Box Admin to perform this action.

All field types are text.


  • User ID: unique identifier of the user
  • Address: physical address of the user
  • Can See Managed Users: whether the user can see other enterprise users in their contact list
  • Enterprise: can be set to null to roll the user out of the enterprise and make them a free user
  • Is Exempt From Device Limits: whether to exempt the user from enterprise device limits
  • Is Exempt From Login Verification: whether the user must use two-factor authentication
  • Is External Collab Restricted:  whether the user is allowed to collaborate with users outside their enterprise
  • Is Password Reset Required: whether the user is required to reset their password
  • Is Sync Enabled: whether the user can use Box Sync
  • Job Title: job title of the user
  • Language: the language of the user, formatted in modified version of the ISO 639-1 format
  • Login: email address of the user
  • Name: full name of the user
  • Notification Email: alternate notification email address to which notifications are sent. When it’s confirmed, this will be the email address to which notifications are sent instead of the primary email address. Set to null to remove notification email.
  • Notify: whether the user should receive an email when they are rolled out of an enterprise
  • Phone: phone number of the user
  • Role (drop-down): role of the user (user or co-admin
  • Space Amount (in Bytes): amount of space (in bytes) allotted to the user
  • Status: status of the user (for example, Active or Inactive)
  • Timezone: timezone of the user
  • Tracking Codes: tracking codes allow an admin to generate reports from the admin console and assign an attribute to a specific group of users.