Search for a user by name or email. You must be a Box Admin to perform this action.

All field types are text.


  • Search By (drop-down):

    • Name: search by user’s name
    • Email: search by user’s email (Box login)
  • Result Set (drop-down):

    • First Matching User: return the first user to match the search parameters
    • All Matching Users: return all users that match the search parameters


  • ID: unique identifier of the user
  • Login: email address of the user
  • Name: full name of the user
  • Space Allotted: amount of space (in gigabytes) allotted to the user
  • Space Used: amount of space (in bytes) used by the user
  • Role (drop-down): role of the user (user or co-admin)
  • Max Upload Size: maximum size (in gigabytes) of user uploads
  • Job Title: job title of the user
  • Status: status of the user (for example, Active or Inactive)