Reads a Basecamp Project in Basecamp 3.

Input Field

Output Fields

  • Basecamp
    • Name (text): The name of the basecamp.
    • Status (text): The status of the basecamp. Active, archived, trashed.
    • Description (text): The description of the basecamp project.
    • Created At (text): The date it was created.
    • Updated At (text): The date it was last updated.
    • URL (text): The URL for the basecamp project.
    • Campfire ID (number): The ID number for the campfire associated with the project.
    • Message Board ID (number): The ID for the message board associated with the project.
    • To-dos List ID (number): The ID for the to-do lists
    • Schedule ID (number): The ID of the schedule.
    • Check-in Questionnaire ID  (number)
    • Vault ID (number): The ID of the primary folder for the project.
    • Inbox ID (number): The Inbox ID. All forwards in a project are children of an Inbox.