This card triggers a Flow when a there is a new text document in Basecamp3.


  • Basecamp (drop down menu): A auto-generated list of existing basecamps. Choose which basecamp you wish to use to trigger the Flow.


  • Document
    • Document ID (number): The ID of the document.
    • Status (text): The status of the document.
    • Title (text): Title of the document.
    • Content(text): The content of the document.
    • Created At(text): When the document was created.
    • URL(text): URL of the document.
    • Comments Count (number): The number of comments on the document.
  • Folder
    • Folder ID(number):┬áThe ID of the parent to the message.
    • Folder Name(text): The name of the parent.
  • Basecamp
    • Basecamp ID(number): The ID for the basecamp the document is located in.
    • Basecamp Name(text): The name of the basecamp.
  • Author
    • User ID(number): The ID of the user who authored the document.
    • Full Name(text): The full name of the author.
    • Email Address(text): The email address of the author.
    • Type(text): The type of user they are.
    • Title(text): Their title.
    • Admin?(T/F): If they are admin or not.
    • Owner?(T/F): If they are the owner or not.
    • Company ID(number): The ID of the company they belong to.
    • Company Name(text): The name of said company.
  • Context
    • Execution ID(text): The ID of the event.