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The first time that you add an AWS Lambda card to a flow, you will be prompted to configure the connection. This will enable you to connect your AWS Lambda account, save your account information, and reuse the connection for future AWS Lambda flows.

AWS Lambda recommends that you store your Access Key and Access Secret Key securely with your password. For information on viewing or resetting access keys, refer to AWS Lambda documentation.

  1. Enter a Connection Nickname. This is useful if you plan to create multiple AWS Lambda connections to share with your team.
  2. Enter your Access Key.
  3. Enter your Access Secret.
  4. Select a Region.
  5. Click Create.


    • Invoke

      Invoke a Lambda function.

      Invocations may be synchronous or asynchronous. In a synchronous invocation, Lambda waits for a response that contains details or errors. In an asynchronous invocation, Lambda adds an event to a queue. After the event is sent, the response includes a status code only.


      • Your Functions (dropdown): list of functions that you can invoke


      Parameters * invocationType (drop-down)
      * RequestResponse: Synchronous invocation. The connection remains open until a response is received. * DryRun: Verification of user permissions. Try this before invoking a function to prevent errors.
      * Event: Asynchronous invocation. Events are added to a queue and attempted twice before moving to dead-letter queue. * logType (drop-down) * None: exclude execution log from the response * Tail: include execution log in response * clientContext (object): data about the client (limit: 3583 bytes of base64-encoded data) * payload (object): JSON data to provide to the function * qualifier (text): alias of the function (if it has published previously)


      Response * Status Code (number): HTTP code for the request. Successful requests are in the 200 range; errors are in the 400-500 range. * Output (text): response from the function * Log Result (text): the last 4KB of the execution log

    • List Functions

      List the function associated with your AWS Lambda account.

      Unless otherwise indicated, field types are text.


      Response * Functions (list): Lambda functions associated with your account * name: name of the function * arn: Amazon Resource Name * runtime: runtime environment * role: execution role that grants permission to AWS services * handler: function called by Lambda to begin execution * codeSize: size (in bytes) of the function * description: description of the function * timeout: amount of time before a function is stopped * memorySize: amount of memory allocated to the function * lastModified: timestamp of the function’s most recent modification * sha256: hash of the deployment package * version: version of the function