Updates an existing project within an Asana organization.


  • Organization (dropdown): a dropdown of your available organizations in Asana.

    NOTE: This action is only compatible with organizations so if you do not see your workspace in the menu, it may not be an organization. From the API: “Check out https://asana.com/developers/api-reference/workspaces for the difference between workspaces and organizations.”

Input Fields

For any field that is complete with data, the existing data will be overwritten on the project. You can leave fields blank. Update By

  • Project ID (number): the unique identified of the project you wish to update in Asana. This field is required.


  • Name (text): the new name of the project. Please note that you can have projects with the same name. Use the Search Project action if you wish to avoid duplicate project names.
  • Due Date (date): the new date at which the project is due. You can either have the project due on a date, in which case the format must be yyyy-mm-dd or due at a particular time on a day, in which case the format must be yyyy-mm-ddTHH:mm:ss+00:00.
  • Public? (boolean): changes the visibility of the project. Enter ’true’ if the project should be visible by all team members or ‘false’ if the project is private.
  • Description (text): the new description of the project.

Status You can indicate the status of a project by either color or description or both.

  • Color (text):the color that matches the new status of the project - Green, Yellow or Red.
  • Description (text): the description of the new status.


  • Team ID (number):the unique ID of the team to which the project is assigned.
  • Team Name (text): the name of the team to which the project is assigned.


  • User ID (number):the unique ID of user to which the project is assigned.
  • Owner Name (text): the name of the user to which the project is assigned.