Task Completed

Triggers when a task is completed within a specific project. NOTE: This event can not pick up completed tasks that are not assigned to a project.


  • Organization (dropdown): a dropdown of your available workspaces in Asana.

  • Select Project By (dropdown): a dropdown menu to choose how you would like to find your project.

    • Dropdown Menu: Allows you to use the Projects dropdown menu to select your project from the list. NOTE: Use this for workspaces with a small number of projects.

    • Project ID: Allows you to use the Project ID field to look up your project. NOTE: if you select this option, select the “Use ID” option in the Projects dropdown.

  • Projects (dropdown): a dropdown of your available projects to monitor for a completed task. NOTE: The Asana API does not allow monitoring all projects for completed tasks, so you must build a new Flow for each project you are monitoring for completed tasks.

  • Project ID (text): A field to look up your project by project ID. This field is necessary when you use Select Project By: Project ID but the contents are ignored otherwise. The project ID can be found in the URL of the project on Asana. For example: https://app.asana.com/0/**1111094557386982**/list.

Output Fields


  • Task Name (text): the name of the task that was completed.
  • Description (text): a description of the task.
  • Task ID (number): the unique identifier of the completed task.
  • Time Created (date): the date and time on which the task was first created.
  • Time Completed (date): the date and time on which the task was completed.


  • Assignee ID (number):the unique ID of the team member to which the task is assigned.
  • Assignee Name (text): the name of the team member to which the task is assigned.


  • Project ID (number):the unique ID of the project on which the task exists.
  • Project Name (text): the name of the project on which the task exists.