Triggers when a task is created within a specific project in a team. NOTE: This event can not pick up new tasks that are not assigned to a project. Teams are only present in workspaces that are organizations. This card can only be used by Premium Asana members as it uses the Search API.


  • Organization (dropdown): a dropdown of your available organizations in Asana.
  • Team (dropdown): a dropdown of your available teams to monitor for a new task. NOTE: The Asana API does not allow monitoring all projects for new tasks, so you must build a new Flow for each project you are monitoring for new tasks.

Output Fields


  • Task Name (text): the name of the new task.
  • Description (text): a description of the task.
  • Task ID (text): the unique identifier of the new task.
  • Section ID (text): the unique identifier for the section.
  • Section Name (text): the name of the section the task is in within the project.
  • Time Created (text): the date and time the task was first created in ISO 8601.
  • Due On (text): the date the task is due in in “YYYY-MM-DD” format.
  • Due at (text): the time the task is due in ISO 8601.
  • Description (text): a description of the task.
  • Attachment IDs (list): the related attachments.
  • Tags (list): the tags associated with the task.
  • Followers (list): the User ID and name of the users following the task.
  • Comments (list): the ID, Created By, Created At, and Text of the comments.


  • Assignee ID (number):the unique ID of the team member to whom the task is assigned.
  • Assignee Name (text): the name of the team member to whom the task is assigned.


  • Project ID (number):the unique ID of the project on which the task exists.
  • Project Name (text): the name of the project on which the task exists.