Triggers when a new project is created in your Asana instance.

NOTE This event works for workspaces containing fewer than 4,500 projects.


  • Organization (dropdown): a dropdown of your available organizations in Asana.

Output Fields


  • Project Name (text): the name of the new project.
  • Description (text): a description of the new project.
  • Project ID (number): the unique identifier of the new project.
  • Time Created (date): the date and time on which the project was first created.
  • Due Date (date): the date on which the new project is due.


  • User ID (number):the unique ID of the team member to which the project is assigned.
  • User Name (text): the name of the team member to which the project is assigned.


  • Team ID (number):the unique ID of the team for which the project was created.
  • Team Name (text): the name of the team for which the project was created.