This workbook is designed to accompany section 304 - Advanced Child Flows.


For this workbook, you should have your own environment with login credentials.

If you are using a Production environment, please take care with any existing processes.

You may also elect to use 30-day free Trial Org by visiting:

Because this is an Integration product, we will encourage you to use freely-available applications within this material. Tools such as Twitter, Slack, and others are great products and typically allow you to sign-up for free!

Exercise 304-1 - For Each - Ignore Errors

Let’s begin by using the For Each Ignore Errors card.

Here’s the scenario:

  • I want to find all the files in the the Test Folder in Google Drive
  • On each of those file I want to first check if the the file name is called “apple.jpg”
  • If it is, send a fun Slack message to a Slack channel

Here we will use the “Ignore Errors” variant because if there’s no match against “apple.jpg” we don’t care and will skip over …

To set this up you will need:

Exercise 304-2 - List Map

For this exercise, expand on the above scenario

  • Create and call a Flow that combines the file name and file id into a single string e.g. [fileName_fileID] and returns that value back to the parent Flow.
  • At the end of the Parent Flow, send a slack message to the channel that says “[your name] is DONE!”