This workbook is designed to accompany section 302 - API and JSON - The Fundamentals.


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Exercise 302-1 - Creating a JSON Object

A good example is a Food object. Each Food Object should be related to a fruit or vegetable.

Download and review this CSV File

As you can see it is a pretty simple file containing various fruit and vegetables and information about each … including the serving size (grams and ounces), calories, and some nutritional data.

Let’s use the following dataset to convert to a JSON object remembering these simple rules:

  • Curly braces start and end a JSON Object
  • The key/value pairs are separated by colons
  • Multiple key/value pairs WITHIN AN OBJECT are separated by commas

Click Here for the Solution.

Exercise 302-2 - Using a JSON Object in a FLO

Now, let’s “do something” with the object that we have available …

An “Object: Get” card may be enough. Should not be overwhelming.

Before we close this section, let’s do something more interesting …

  • Take the CSV File
  • Load into GSheets
  • Create a new FLO to read this file
  • Bring in ALL Rows
  • Observe the result - which is in JSON