This workbook is designed to accompany section 207 - Introduction to Objects.


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Exercise 207-1 - Create an Object (use Object >> Construct)

Let’s create a very simple Flow and test our function!

  • Create a new Flow
  • Within the Flow, select an Object >> Construct card
  • Use the following table to create your object
Last Name First Name Email Account Birthdate
Robertson Kevin Alligatorair 9/25/1980

The card should look like this:

Exercise 207-2 - Get a single value from the object (use Object >> Get)

With the Flow that you created above:

  • Add an Object >> Get Card
  • Use this card to select the value associated with the key “Last Name”
  • Test your Flow to observe the output

Exercise 207-3 - Add a value to the object (use Object >> Set)

Continuing with the same Flow:

  • Add an Object >> Set card
  • Change the Birthdate for Kevin Robertson from 9/25/1980 to 10/25/1980
  • Test your Flow to observe the output

Exercise 207-4 - Get Multiple values from the object (Object >> Get Multiple)

Again, continuing with this same Flow:

  • Add a Object >> Get Multiple card
  • For the object, copy/paste the object you see below
  • Select “product” and “parts.1.partno” as output fields
  • Test your Flow to observe the output

    {"product":"a123", "parts":[{"partno":12}, {"partno":16}, {"partno":27}], "inventory":{"instock":12, "ordered":10}}