This workbook is designed to accompany section 104 - Functions.


For this workbook, you should have your own environment with login credentials.

If you are using a Production environment, please take care with any existing processes.

You may also elect to use 30-day free Trial Org by visiting:

Because this is an Integration product, we will encourage you to use freely-available applications within this material. Tools such as Twitter, Slack, and others are great products and typically allow you to sign-up for free!

The Story - 104 Exercises

This set of examples demonstrates the use of basic Functions.

You have a list of email addresses that you need to process and then send a message about your product.

Exercise 104-1 - Create a New Flow

Begin by creating a new Flow:

  • Login to your environment
  • Click “+ New Flow”
  • Scroll down and select “Child Flow”
  • Name and Save your Flow: Call it “Functions Exercise”
  • Add a new function by clicking “+”
  • Search for “Split” - which is in the String category
    • For the string, enter your email address
    • For the delimiter, enter the “@” symbol
  • Click the “Test this card” icon to confirm that the card works correctly

Exercise 104-2 - Add Function: List At

Next, let’s use the List At function to return the item from the list that we want (e.g. the part before the “@” sign).

  • Add a new function by clicking “Add Function”
  • Select List - At
  • Configure the card by dragging the output from the String Split card to the “list” field
  • Leave the index at “0”. This indicates the first position
  • Test your Flow

Exercise 104-3- Add Functions: Date Now and Date To String

Let’s now get today’s date and time so we can use it in our email message.

  • Add a new function again and add a Date Now function
    • No configuration is required for this card but take a moment to look at all the fields that it returns for use!
  • New function - add a Date to String card (under Date)
    • Drag the date field from “Now” over to the “start” field
    • Click the “?” icon on the bottom of the card to view date formats
    • Copy the format: “D-MMM-YY HH:mm:ss.S z”
    • Paste it into the “format” field
    • Again reference the in-app Help
    • Type “US/Pacific” for your time zone (or choose your own)
  • Save and Test your Flow.
    • Review the format of the date in the output field and the date-to-string cards

Exercise 104-4- Add Function: Compose

Let’s use the String Compose card to craft an email message that we would send to the person.

  • Add Function: String Compose card
  • Type a message (see the image below)
  • Within your message - DRAG over the person’s name and include the date from previous Cards
  • Test your Flow

You may opt to include an Action to send the message via email, Slack, or some other application!