This workbook is designed to accompany section 103 - Actions and Events.


For this workbook, you should have your own environment with login credentials.

If you are using a Production environment, please take care with any existing processes.

You may also elect to use 30-day free Trial Org by visiting:

Because this is an Integration product, we will encourage you to use freely-available applications within this material. Tools such as Twitter, Slack, and others are great products and typically allow you to sign-up for free!

The Story - 103 Exercises

Imagine a scenario where you need to interact with whomever mentions your company on twitter.

You (personally) don’t want to constantly check in on your corporate Twitter feed, so you need a way to notify both you and your team whenever this happens.

To do this you’ve decided that you want to get a slack message anytime someone mentions your company on Twitter.

Exercise 103-1 - Create a New FLO / Configure your Twitter Connection

For this exercise, let’s begin by creating a FLO:

  • Login to your environment
  • Click “+ New FLO”
  • If you have not already configured Twitter:
    • Go to Settings >> Connections
    • Select “Twitter”
    • Authenticate with your Twitter Credentials
  • If the Twitter Connection is configured
    • Select “Twitter” from My Connected Apps

Exercise 103-2 - Add Event: Monitor Keywords

Now, configure your event:

  • Select the “Monitor Keywords” event
  • Add a keyword of your choice using a hashtag (like #DigitalTransformation)
  • Save your FLO with an appropriate name

Exercise 103-3 - Add Action: Send Direct Message via Slack

Create a new card for the Slack Action you wish to take:

  • Click the “Add Action” link under “What’s next?”
  • Search for Slack and select the application
  • As with Twitter, if you have not already configured Slack - make sure go to Settings >> Connections and do that first
  • Select “Send Direct Message” card
  • Choose your Slack account
  • Configure OPTIONS
    • Unfurl URLs = Yes
    • Field Type = Username
  • Add fields
    • Drag Username from the Twitter card to the Username fields
    • Drag “Content” into the Text field

The resultant FLO should look like this …

Save and Test the FLO

Once complete, let’s test the FLO:

  • Save your FLO, giving it a good description
  • Turn on “Enable Save Data”
  • Test the FLO by either:
    • Clicking the orange play button near the top of the screen
    • Selecting the “Save and Test” button near the right of the FLO

NOTE: Depending on the keyword (hashtag) you’ve selected, it may take several attempts to retrieve results. Feel free to change your keyword so as to test that the FLO works correctly!