Split text into a list of text segments separated by commas or other specified delimiter. 

Input Fields

  • text: The text that will be split up (e.g. one,two,three).
  • separator: The sequence of one or more characters in the input text that indicator where to break it up. The separator can be a single character like a comma, a sequence of characters like as a comma followed by a space, or even include a line break (just type the “Enter” key while typing a value into the separator input).

Output Fields

  • result list: A list of text (e.g. if splitting one,two,three using separator ,, then result list is a list of three texts: one, two, and three.)

Tip: If there are spaces in between words separated by a comma such as This, is, an, example, then be sure to include a space after the comma as the separator so the result doesn’t include spaces at the beginning of words. If the spaces are only there sometimes, you can use Trim to get rid of them.