Runs a child Flow a specified number of times.

There is a known bug with this function where sending values to the child Flow is not working. We are working on a fix.

Input Fields

  • flow:  The child Flow that will be called once for each item in the list
  • with the following values (dynamically generated): The inputs defined by the child Flow - these will populate after you select the child Flow.
  • count: The number of times to repeat the child Flow.
  • concurrency:  The number of instances of the child Flow to run in parallel. If it is important that the executions are processed in sequence, use 1.  Otherwise a higher number like 5 or 10 will cause your Flow to complete sooner.

Output Fields

  • (none)  This function does not return any outputs - use it when you want to take action a specific number of times. If you’re running once per item in a list and/or need to get values back, see the List function category for other options.

To use this function, you first need a child Flow with the steps you want to run repeatedly. Define any inputs for the child Flow on the Child Flow event card. Your child Flow can get the current loop count by using the ”Index” field in the Context section of the child Flow card, e.g. the value of Index is 0 the first time the child Flow runs, 1 the second time, 2 the third time, etc. After you are done writing the child Flow, remember to turn it on.