NOTE : This card should only be used for files less than 1MB. Larger file should be uploaded using the large multipart upload.

Uploads a file from the the software’s filesystem to a web service, using http or https, via multipart form-data. Please consider the api you will be be using to fetch the required input field data.

The output is dependent on the response from the service.  To access a particular response properly, create an output with the same name as the key in the response object.

Input Fields

  • File  File Content (file) - required: The ID of the file contents to upload or if you’re using test function you can choose a file to upload. File Name (string) - required_: The file name including the extension, for example test.pdf.
  • Http
    • URL (text) - required: the URL of the request, including the protocol http:// or https://
    • Method (option) - required: the http method to use - PUT or POST.
    • Headers (optional) - user-created fields (text) to define headers to use in the file request
  • Data
    • Key and Value pairs - You can found these value in the upload target API documentation.

Output Fields

  • (user created)