Decrypt text from a base64 encoding using a key and specified OpenSSL algorithm.

Input Fields

  • algorithm: Choose from a dropdown of OpenSSL encryption algorithms.
  • key: The text to use as the decryption key. (Must be the same key, along with the algorithm, that was used to encrypt.)
  • data: The encoded text to decrypt.

Output Fields

  • output: The decrypted text of the provided input.


(See Example that was provided for Encrypt. This example does the inverse.)

If algorithm is aes-256-cbc, key is my secret key, and data is hrDDPCtB0Cijc8EFAHhABiYEKdYBgt+e63RGV288SOI=
Then output is My secret message!

If the incorrect algorithm or key is used to decrypt encoded text, the step in the Flow may generate an Error. Use If Error if you need to catch and handle the error.