Returns the difference in time between two dates.

Input Fields

  • end date (Date & Time): the base time you want to compare, i.e. if you want to say how many days until a date, this is that date.
  • start date (Date & Time): the time you want to compare to. If start is a later date & time than end, then the output values will all be negative (i.e. reflecting that it is past the date).

Output Fields

All of the outputs express the full amount of time it will take to get to end from start in that unit. For instance if end is exactly one day after start, then days will be 1 and hours will be 24.

  • days (Number): the number of days to get to end from start, including fractional days.
  • months (Number): the total difference in months
  • years (Number): the total difference in years
  • hours (Number): the total difference in hours
  • minutes (Number): the difference in minutes
  • seconds (Number): the difference in seconds
  • milliseconds (Number): the difference in milliseconds