Zoho CRM


  1. Connection Nickname - Enter a connection nickname. This is a display name for this connection. Use clear naming conventions so that in the future it is clear which account the connection is associated with.

Zoho CRM uses Oauth2 for authentication; after entering your nickname, click the create button. An OAuth window opens asking for your Zoho CRM username and password.

Enter your Zoho CRM account information, then click Sign In. You will be asked to allow Azuqua to access your Zoho CRM account. Click Authorize. You should then be redirected back to Azuqua, with a successful connection to Zoho CRM.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is recommended that you only create one Azuqua connection per Zoho CRM user. This is due to a limitation of the Zoho CRM API. Currently the API will only provision one refresh token per user. This means that if there are multiple connections per user, then it is likely that one of the connections will have the tokens invalidated, which will result in an error from Zoho. The following errors suggest symptoms of the above:

  • invalid auth token
  • Unauthorized