Start a Flow when a new comment is added to a ticket.

Output Fields

  • Comment
    • Comment ID (number) : A unique identification code for comment.
    • Ticket ID (number) : A unique identification code for ticket.
    • Body (text) : The commment in text.
    • Body(HTML) (text) : The comment with HTML.
    • AuthorID (number) : The user Id of the the comment’s author.
    • AttachmentID (list of number) : A comma-delimited list of attachment IDs associated with the comment.
    • Via Channel (text) A description of how the ticket was created (ex: “api, “web”, “mobile”).
    • Created At (text) : Date and time that the ticket was created (ex: 2016-05-24T13:41:22Z).
    • Public? (true/false) : True if the comment is a public¬†comment. ¬†False otherwise.