This card monitors all Zendesk tickets for new comments.

NOTE: It takes up to 15 minutes for new or updated records in Zendesk to hit the Zendesk API, meaning the designer can’t read new or updated records for at least 15 minutes after the time they are created. This means that the Run Now feature won’t work for testing Flows that start with a Zendesk monitor. Please wait 20 minutes after creating or updating records for the monitor to run naturally in order to test Zendesk monitors in your Flows.

Output field

  • Comment type (dropdown menu)

    • Public reply : This event will only be triggered for new public comments.
    • Internal : This event will only be triggered for new private comments.
    • All : This event will be triggered for all new comments.
  • Comment

    • Comment ID (number) : A unique identification code for comment.
    • Ticket ID (number) : A unique identification code for ticket.
    • Body (text) : The commment in text.
    • Body(HTML) (text) : The comment with HTML.
    • AuthorID (number) : The user Id of the the comment’s author.
    • AttachmentID (list of number) : A comma-delimited list of attachment IDs associated with the comment.
    • Via Channel (text): A description of how the ticket was created (ex: “api, “web”, “mobile”).
    • Created At (text) : Date and time that the ticket was created (ex: 2016-05-24T13:41:22Z).
    • Public? (true/false) : True if the comment is a public comment.  False otherwise.