This card will create a new user.

Input Fields

  • User
    • Name (text): Name of user.
    • External ID (text): A unique id you can specify for the user.
    • Alias (text): An alias displayed to end users.
    • Verified (true/false): If the user’s identity has been verified or not.
    • Local ID (number): The user’s language identifier.
    • Timezone (text): The user’s time zone. See Time Zone..
    • Email (text): The user’s primary email address.
    • Phone (text): The user’s primary phone number.
    • Details (text): Any details you want to store about the user, such as an address.
    • Notes (text): Any notes you want to store about the user.
    • Organization ID (number): Identification code of organization user is associated with.
    • Role (text): The user’s role. Possible values are end-user, agent, or admin.
    • Custom Role ID (text): A custom role if the user is an agent on the Enterprise plan.
    • Moderator? (yes or no): Designates whether the user has forum moderation capabilities.
    • Ticket Restriction (text): Specifies which tickets the user has access to. Possible values are: organization, groups, assigned, requested, null.
    • Private Comments Only? (true/false): true if the user can only create private comments.
    • Restricted Agent? (true/false): If the agent has any restrictions; false for admins and unrestricted agents, true for other agents.
    • Tags (text): The user’s tags. Only present is your account has user tagging available.

Output Fields

  • User ID (number): Unique ID of the user created.