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  • New Feed Activity

    This event monitors your message feed - basically what is shown in your Home view - and executes when a new message is received.


    • (none) - this method only monitors the message feed of the user who created the account.

    Output Fields

    • Author
      • User ID (text): The User ID of user who sent the message.
    • Message
      • Message ID (text):
      • Group ID (text):
      • Thread ID (text):
      • Time Created (text):  the time the message was sent.  This time is not in Date format so you may need to use the Date.String To Date function.
      • Message Type (text):
      • Message Privacy (text):
      • Title (text):
      • Content (Plain) (text):  the message text
      • Content (Rich) (text):  the message text
      • Likes (text):
  • New Group Activity

    Monitor your group for activity

  • New Message

    Start Flo when there is a new private message


  • Message Group

    Broadcast a message to a group

  • Read User

    Lookup a user's information by Id

  • Search Users

    Search for a user by email

  • Send Invitation

    Invite a user to join your yammer network

  • Send Message

    Sends a private message to another user.  To do this you’ll need to know their User ID.  You can find that ID from the output of other Yammer cards within the designer.  Or, you can find it from the Yammer application:  click on a user to see their conversations etc., and the URL in your browser will look something like this:  https://www.yammer.com/_yourinstance_/#/users/1566567347 .  The last number is the User ID.

    Input Fields

    • text (text): The text of the message to send.
    • User Id (text): The User ID of the user to send to.

    Output Fields

    • Message ID (text): The ID of the resulting message.