Read Entry

Given an Entry ID, gets the values that were entered into a form.


  • Your Forms:  Choose from the dropdown the Wufoo form you want to read values from.

Input Fields

  • EntryID (text):  The ID that Wufoo uses to refer to the new entry.

Output Fields

  • Metadata: This section of outputs is the same for every form entry.

    • Created Date (text):  The date and time that this entry was submitted, in the timezone of the user who submitted the entry.
    • Created By (text):  The person who created the entry, or “public” if the entry was created through a public web form.
    • Updated Date (text):  The date and time that this entry was edited through Wufoo’s Entry Manager. If the submission has never been updated, this value is blank.
    • Updated By (text):  The person who updated the entry in Wufoo’s Entry Manager; otherwise, blank.
  • Answer:  This section of outputs contains the list of fields that are in the form.

    • NOTE: These fields are not on by default – you have to use Choose Fields to select the values you want to use in your Flow. Choose Fields pops up automatically when you first insert the card or you can get back to it anytime by clicking the cog at the bottom right of the card.