Update Project

Updates an existing project within a Wrike account.

Input Fields

For any field that is given new data, the existing data will be overwritten on the project. You can leave fields blank to avoid changing them.

Update By

  • Project ID (number): ID of the project to read in the Wrike v3 ID format (e.g. IEABLNAUI4D3P4GD). In the Wrike dashboard, only the v2 ID format is available. If you created your Wrike project here the project ID is provided as an output of that action. Otherwise, in order to determine the project ID, use the “Search Task” action to find a task assigned to the project and use the value from the “Parent Folder ID” field to get the project ID.


  • Title (text): The new name of the project. Please note that you can have projects with the same name. Use the Search Project action if you wish to avoid duplicate project names.
  • Description (text): The new description of the project.
  • Status (text): The new status of the project (e.g. On-hold, Cancelled, Completed, etc).
  • Start Date (text): The new start date of the project.
  • End Date (text): The new end date of the project
  • Owner ID (text): The new unique identifier for the owner of the project.
  • Shared User ID (text): Add a new shared user to the project by using their ID.