Updates a record of any type by using the the unique Workfront ID for the record.


  • Record Type (dropdown) :
    • Select the record type that you want to make updates. For example, if you want to update a Project, you should select Project from the dropdown list. These are some record type example:
    • Document Folder
    • Document Version
    • Document
    • Note
    • Task
    • Timesheet
    • Job Role
    • Project
    • Team
    • Reserved Time
    • Company
    • Issue
    • Expense
    • Billing Rate
    • Template Task
    • Portfolio
    • Note Tag
    • Project User
    • Approval
    • Program
    • Milestone
    • User
    • Milestone Path
    • Step Approver
    • Assignments
    • Group
    • Journal Entry


  • Record ID (text): The unique Workfront ID of the record you wish to read. This ‘ID’ is the Workfront ID of that record and is the same as the ID you can find in the URL of any specific Workfront record, after ID=.


  • There are no output fields