Read Record

Read a record of any type by providing the the unique Workfront ID for the record. Outputs will vary based on the record type chosen from the options menu.


  • Record Type (dropdown):
    • Select the record type that you want to read. For example, if you want to create a Project, you should select Project from the dropdown list. Here are the options:
    • Document Folder
    • Document Version
    • Document
    • Note
    • Task
    • Timesheet
    • Job Role
    • Project
    • Team
    • Reserved Time
    • Company
    • Issue
    • Expense
    • Billing Rate
    • Template Task
    • Portfolio
    • Note Tag
    • Project User
    • Approval
    • Program
    • Milestone
    • User
    • Milestone Path
    • Step Approver
    • Assignments
    • Group
    • Journal Entry


  • Record ID (text): the unique Workfront ID of the record you wish to read.


  • Various : The outputs will vary and additional fields may be available depending on the account and record type you choose.